I made this for my daughter’s birthday cake, using a bundt pan. I refrigerated the cake overnight, and easily sliced it in half for the filling. I used store bought frosting and microwaved it and then poured it over the cake, and then put the cake back in the refrigerator. Everyone loved it, including my husband who prefers pies to cakes.


1 chocolate cake mix prepared as directions say. Bake in 2 9in cake pans.
1 can milk chocolate frosting

1 8oz creamcheese softened
1 stick butter softened
3 cups confection sugar
1 8oz tub cool whip


Blend creamcheese and butter until smooth, add confection sugar mix well, fold in coolwhip then refrigerate.

Once cake is cooled put the filling in the center of the cake then press the top on and then smooth out the sides. Frost with milk chocolate frosting

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