Beef Stir Fry


Discover in this video, a traditional Chinese recipe, with a guest specializing in Chinese cuisine, Margot from the Recettes d'une chinois blog. Super beef sautéed with onions, tender, very thinly sliced.

* Ingredients

° 600g Beef fillet
° 4 Onions
° 4tbsp. tablespoon soy sauce
° 4tbsp. tablespoons Olive oil
° Sprigs of fresh coriander (a little)
° Pepper
Calories = High

* Preparation steps

Cut the meat into strips. Peel the onions and cut them into thin rings. Thin and chop the coriander.
In a skillet or wok, sauté the onions in the olive oil until melted. Remove them from the pan and put the meat instead. Blow it up quickly.
Deglaze with the soy sauce, add the onions, mix. Cook for another 1 or 2 minutes, pepper and serve sprinkled with cilantro.

Enjoy !

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